Media (Channel)

Media is where art meets science, balancing data and creativity. We turn strategy into communication plans that connect and engage consumers across their journey, working in partnership with our clients to deliver targeted, results-driven campaigns.

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Channel Strategy

A customer-driven channel strategy is essential to achieving brand and business ambitions. Our team connects brands to audiences with effective channel strategies built on consumer insight. We also help develop channel roadmaps, nurturing prospective and existing customers with the full suite of paid, owned and earned media. 

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Audience Segmentation & Insight

Connection is about influencing behaviour - and the power to influence is based on insight. We can help you create a bespoke audience segmentation model using our research tools and provide insight into how your target market thinks, feels and engages with brands and media.

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Communications & Media Planning

Marketing drives behaviour change by connecting the right people at the right time with the right message. We can work with you to design and execute your communications right across your customer journey. Our media planning process is a deep-dive into channels and touchpoints; timings and flighting (hours, days, seasons); how to achieve effective reach and frequency; and how to deliver impact.

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Paid, Owned & Earned

Our craft spans all paid, owned and earned marketing channels, including TV, PR, cinema, out of home, content, radio, website development, print, letterbox, video, performance, social, search, email and inbound. Our holistic view of an ever-changing and complex media landscape helps our clients stay relevant and connected.
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Media Negotiation & Buying

Our channel team invests marketing budgets wisely and adds value. We negotiate media deals, purchase media space and time and curate your media mix. Our pricing is transparent and competitive.
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Results driven

In a world where the importance of data is ever-increasing, we focus on the metrics that matter. We work with you to ensure the right measurement is in place to meet your overarching business objectives. We use these conversion points to design customised reporting dashboards that allow us to constantly review and optimise our media and digital campaigns.

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